For Homeowners-

Create your account and post a job! You will need to include as much information as possible in your job posting to also pros to get an accurate understanding of your project. Invite your favorite pros in the area to bid on your job when you post it or after the fact. You receive bids in the form of proposals from pros that include a cost estimate of the project, their business licenses, references, and reviews for you to review. Once you pick the proposal that works for you, make them an offer! All payments to the pro are held in escrow until the work is complete, so there's nothing to worry about.

For Professionals-

Browse available jobs or receive invitations to bid from homeowners. Review the posting, calculate the quote based on their information, and be sure to include business licenses, references, a cover letter, or social media to help you stand out among your competitors. Once a homeowner makes you an offer, the deposit you have set goes into escrow and is released once each milestone is complete. We only get paid when you get paid!