If you’re not getting any bids on a job, there are a few things to consider:

  • Project details - Make sure that you’re providing adequate details for Pros to be able to bid on your project. The more details, the better. Pros are depending on the details that you provide in order to be able to submit accurate bids. If they don’t feel like they have the adequate details in order to put together an accurate bid, then it’s likely that they will opt to not bid on your project.
  • Budget - Your budget is another important factor in Pros deciding whether they want to bid on your project or not. If your budget is too low, Pros will interpret that as a customer that has unrealistic expectations. It takes a time for the Pros to out together their bids, so they’re going to focus on bidding on projects that have budgets in a reasonable range of what they plan on bidding.
  • Pro availability - Go the “Browse Pros” page and check the list of available Pros for the specific service(s) that you’re looking for. If there are some available, consider inviting them to bid on your project.