A few key things to consider prior to submitting a bid:

  • Can you realistically handle the work? - Sometimes it can be tempting to agree to unrealistic timelines and/or expectations in order to book a project. We highly recommend avoiding these temptations. With so many factors involved in a project running smoothly, it's not worth taking the risk to gain one additional job because a single bad review can impact your ability to win future projects.
  • Do you need to see the project beforehand? We offer the ability to request a visit to a project before you finalize your bid. However, we recommend attempting to collect the details that you need to put together an accurate bid via our platform before requesting an in-person visit. In some cases, you may be on the fence as to whether to request an in-person visit. In those cases, we recommend that you move forward with the requesting an in-person visit as it's in both you and your customer's best interest to insure that your bid accurately reflects the workload involved.