To build a room, you can either select a template that most resembles the floor plan on the room or start with a blank canvas. 

Next, build out the floorplan using the following tools:

  • Add a wall -  To add a wall, you can either split an existing wall or add a new wall. To split a wall, click on the wall you want to split and then click the “Split Wall” button in the popup menu (first button on the left). To add a new wall, click "Add Wall" button (on the left-hand side of the screen).
  • Make a wall invisible- You may want to have a wall not be visible so when the scan is rotated you can still see into the room, but without deleting the walls. Click the "Visibility" eye icon (second button on the left).
  • Add color - Colors should be as close to the paint color you want as possible, but you can include links directly to the color and brands of paint in the "Materials" section of your job. Click the "Paint" icon (third button on the left) and choose the color, brightness, and texture of the wall.
  • Add measurements - You want these measurements to be as accurate to your space as possible, but don't worry if it does not look perfect. These measurements are to give the pro general scale and scope of the space. To denote the measurement, click the "Measurement" ruler icon (third button from the right) and enter the value.
  • Add photos - Photos help Pros visualize the project. It’s key to upload photos no matter what services you are in need of because there are likely questions that Pros will have that the photos can help answer. Click on the wall you want to add a photo for and navigate to the "Camera" icon (second to last button on the right) to upload pictures from your device.
  • Delete wall - To delete a wall, click on the wall and then click on the “Delete” button (last button on the right).
  • Move corners - The corners, represented by the green dots, can be dragged to adjust the shape of the room. 
  • Add objects - Objects enable you to add all physical objects that make up the room outside of the structure itself. This may include furniture, appliances, etc. Toggle to the left-hand side and click the "Add Object" button to add objects. Drag and drop the objects into the room in the way your space is laid out to help the pro visualize the project. You can also add pictures of objects to their closest wall to show what they currently look like in the space.