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We refer to the e-commerce marketplace on the HomeGig platform as the " HomeGig Shop ". When you visit the HomeGig or the mobile app, or make a purchase or sale, or an account on the HomeGig Platform, this contract is between you and HomeGig Shop LLC. HomeGig Inc. HomeGig Shop LLC and / or HomeGig Shop International LLC are collectively referred to as " HomeGig ", " we " or " us " in this contract .

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Use of the HomeGig Platform

Who can use the HomeGig platform. You must be at least the age of majority in the country you live in to use the HomeGig platform. The use of the HomeGig platform by persons under the age of 16 is strictly prohibited!
Registration. In order to be able to use certain functions of the HomeGig platform, you must register with us and set up a profile on our platform. When you register with HomeGig, you agree to provide us with correct data and, if necessary, to update it to guarantee its accuracy. We treat personal data that you transmit to us during registration in accordance with our data protection guidelines . You may also have the option to register for an account by linking your Facebook, Google, or Apple account.
Privacy Policy. Our privacy practices are set out in our privacy policy. By using the HomeGig Platform in any way, you understand and agree that the terms of the Privacy Policy apply to you, regardless of whether you have created a HomeGig account.
Expert profile. If you are a professional service provider, you can set up an expert profile. In this case, you give us the right to include your expert profile in our service provider directory, after which you can contact other people on the platform if you are identified via your expert profile. Your expert profile is subject to our Expert Profile Policy .
Usage Policy. You agree to comply with the usual standards of conduct and applicable law when using the HomeGig platform, as described in more detail in our usage guidelines.
Product Policy. If you are an expert, supplier, or seller authorized to sell products through the HomeGig Store, you agree to abide by the Product Policy.
Termination. You can close your account at any time by going to account settings and deactivating your account. We can suspend your use of the HomeGig platform at any time for whatever reason, permanently or temporarily, without notice to you or liability to you. We can close your account at any time and for any reason, including if you violate a HomeGig policy (including the Usage Policy or the Product Policy ). Upon termination of your use of the HomeGig Platform, certain provisions will survive the account suspension as further described in Section 10 (m).
Feedback. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how to improve the HomeGig platform. Use the opportunity to provide feedback at . By submitting feedback to us in this or another way, you give us the right, at our discretion, to use the feedback in whole or in part without any restrictions, to disclose it and to exploit it in any other way without any remuneration to you, as in section 2 (b) will be described in more detail.

Content and Materials

Definition of our content and materials. All intellectual property in or relating to the HomeGig Platform (including, but not limited to, our software, the HomeGig trademarks, the HomeGig logo and HomeGig buttons, badges and widgets, but excluding their content) is owned by the HomeGig Platform owned by HomeGig Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates, or their licensors (" our content and materials ").
Our license for you.Subject to these Terms of Use, including the restrictions set out below, we grant you a limited, simple license to use our content and materials in connection with your use of the HomeGig Platform. Unless expressly agreed otherwise (such as in the case of your authorization to create an expert profile or the conclusion of a contract with us as a supplier, seller, advertiser, site designer or other contract), your use of the HomeGig platform must be based on personal, non- commercial purposes. We can terminate this license at any time and for any reason. With the exception of the rights and licenses granted in these terms and conditions, we reserve all other rights and do not grant any further rights or licenses,
No endorsement or verification.Please note that the HomeGig platform enables access to third party content, products and services and provides interactions with third parties over which we have no control. We are not responsible for the content, offers or the conduct of third parties (including, but not limited to, products or services offered by third parties or the descriptions of the products or services offered by third parties), nor do we approve or verify this content, Offers or this behavior. For example, HomeGig does not perform background checks or review the experts listed on the HomeGig platform. Participation in or availability of the HomeGig platform does not imply any endorsement or verification by us. We do not guarantee the accuracy.