To manage your active project, click on the "Active" tab on your dashboard and locate the project in the list using the search field directly below the tabs. Once you've located the project, click on the menu icon on the right-hand side of the project and then click "Manage" to go to the project management page. 

INFO: You can still view the pro-facing project overview that was visible prior to accepting the Pro's bid by click on the name of the project on the same page that you clicked on the "Manage" menu item.

Once on the project management page, you'll find a variety of different data and actions that you can use to manage your project. Let's walk through each of those. At the top of the page, you'll notice a timeline that shows all of the stages of your project in sequential order with the first stage being "Started" (activated after accepting a bid) and the last stage being "Completed." When a stage is complete, it will take on a darker color than the semi-transparent stages that have yet to be completed. You'll also notice that the start date of each stage is displayed directly below the timeline. 

Directly below the timeline you'll see a set of tabs that include "Spending", "Messages", "Terms & Settings", and "Feedback" that enable you to manage various aspects of your project. The next few sections provide brief overviews of each of those tabs.


The spending tab contains all financial and payment related details for the project. Along the top of this tab, you'll see a few key financial figures:

  • Project Cost - This is the amount that you accepted when you accepted the pro's bid on your project.
  • In Review - This number reflects the amount that the pro has requested from you but that you have yet to release from escrow. 
  • In process - This is the amount that you have recently released that the payment system is currently processing.
  • Paid Milestones - This is the sum of the milestones you have released so far to the pro. 
  • Remaining - This is the sum of the remaining milestones that have yet to be complete for this project.
  • Total Amount- This is the total amount that has been released to the pro. This number may be different that the Project Cost due to milestones added or altered once the project had begun, refunds, or disputes.


This tab contains a chat room between you and the customer. You can also find this room on the main messaging page (i.e. clicking on the message icon in the header). 

Terms & Settings

This tab contains details on the project, as well as the "Project History," which is a log of all activities linked to the project. You'll also find two buttons inside the project overview: "Request Refund" and "End Contract". You will not be able to request a refund once the contact has been ended, so be sure to initiate any disputes prior to ending the contract if you are dissatisfied with the service.


Once the project is completed or ends, you'll have 30 days to rate and provide feedback to the pro. This tab is where you'll find the form for providing feedback as well as where you'll find the pro's feedback to you. For additional details on how feedback works, read this article.